Posted on March 01 2016

Childhood obesity is a serious issue on the rise. Aside from health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, social problems such as bullying can do lifelong emotional damage to a child. This issue is close to our hearts because some of our founders have personally experienced health issues as well as being bullied by others due to being the "fat kids" in school. It's heartbreaking to have to live through days like those and the thought of having our children go through the same things is much worse.

That is why we want to give back to our community by educating families on the benefits of having an active and healthy lifestyle and empower people to make better choices for themselves.

Mana Pono will be donating a portion of our profits to The San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative.

Their mission is to reduce and prevent childhood obesity through policy, systems and environmental change.

As we grow, we will also consider donating to other organizations with the same goals. We believe that the benefits of healthy eating and enjoying an active lifestyle will greatly aid in the success and overall happiness of our future leaders.

Wear your gear with pride knowing that you are helping to raise awareness for a good cause and that your contributions are making a difference in the lives of your neighbors.


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