About us

The terms Mana and Pono come from Polynesian culture.

Mana translates to physical and spiritual power, not to be confused with status or material possessions. It is a life energy. We have the ability to gain and lose mana everyday based on the decisions make.

Pono refers to doing what is right.

Mana Pono represents the life-long commitment to strengthening the mind and body.
The decisions we make in our daily lives dictate whether we gain or lose mana. We are constantly fluctuating in the way we chose to treat and fuel our bodies to how we think of ourselves and others. Although we understand that there is no such thing as a perfect lifestyle, our minds and bodies have a way of telling us when we are out of balance and which of our actions make us stronger people.

Mana Pono is more than a name. It’s a reminder of how we choose to live our lives.